Farmers work hard every day to feed U.S. families across the nation. It is a job that requires backbreaking work and specialized expertise, but unfortunately, Mother Nature is not forgiving. The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development put out a bulletin to make the public aware of this potentially serious threat to local farmers because the Spotted Lanternfly could threaten Michigan’s entire agriculture industry.

MDARD claims that the Spotted Lanternfly is a danger to over 70 species of plants and crops, including hardwood trees, hops, grapes, and apples. The bug sucks the sap from these plants, and then secretes honeydew, a sticky sugar-rich liquid. This liquid then molds, which damages or kills the host plant causing farmers to lose their fruits of their labor.

The honeydew can also attract other pest. These pests include ants, hornets, and wasps, which can all affect outdoor activities. Most importantly for farmers though, these dangerous pests can make harvesting their crops even more dangerous.

While the pest has not affected our home state yet, infestations have been confirmed in several states. These include Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia, and Maryland.

The Spotted Lanternfly can damage or kill valuable crops, potentially devastating farms throughout the state. This is when farmers will turn to crop insurance to help recoup costs and save the farm. These companies are paid religiously, and farmers rely on these companies to be their when they need them

However, insurance companies often do not want to pay or unnecessarily delay payments. This is when contacting a lawyer with experience in agricultural law is so important.