Snow and ice are a near-constant presence on Michigan roads in the winter. It is important that if a Michigan motorist must drive during winter weather, that they take their legal duty of due care seriously and do not drive in a way that is reckless. Doing so is what causes accidents, for which they can be liable. The following are some winter driving tips for motorists to follow when the weather turns dangerous.

First, it is important to slow down, even if it means driving slower than the posted speed limit. Driving too fast can cause a motorist to lose traction and could potentially cause a car accident if the motorist is unable to stop.

In addition, accelerate and decelerate slower than you may otherwise do. It takes longer to slow down when roads are slick, which could cause a motorist to rear-end another motorist. For similar reasons tailgating should be avoided. A following distance of five to six seconds is a good rule of thumb.

It takes a certain amount of inertia to get going on icy or snowy roads if you are at a full stop. For this reason, if you can safely get some inertia going on flat roads before going up a hill, it can help you avoid sliding back down the hill and crashing into a motorist behind you.

Unfortunately, not all motorists will follow these safety rules and will cause car accidents this winter. All motorists are tasked with the duty to drive reasonably under the circumstances, including taking weather conditions into account. If the motorist breaches this duty and causes a collision that injures or kills another person, the accident victim may want to determine if they can pursue compensation for the damages they suffered.